How Our Entrepreneur Coaching Can Benefit You

Wherever you are in the evolution of your business--whether you are just getting started or looking to expand your marketing channels --our team is here to help support you. During your one-on-one coaching sessions, Jeff will customize the program, so it is tailored specifically to your needs and the development of your organization. Together we will set goals, create actionable plans, and overcome challenges. Jeff will be there as a member of your team of advisors to help you excel. 


About Entrepreneur Coaching with Jeff Bonaldi

CEO & Founder of The Explorer’s Passage, Jeff Bonaldi is passionate about helping entrepreneurs discover their dreams and turn them into a reality. He is dedicated to guiding those who are unhappy or unfulfilled in their current employment understand who they truly are and how to actualize this identity through their entrepreneurship journey. Having left a lucrative career on Wall Street to pursue his passion of starting an adventure travel company, Jeff understands from first-hand experience how overwhelming and even daunting it can be to transition from a position of security to starting a new business. Through this coaching program, we will provide you with the tools and guidance to help you achieve your goals. 


 What Outcomes You Can Expect from Entrepreneur Coaching 

During your coaching sessions, we will learn more about who you are and work with you to uncover your hidden strengths. We will then determine how to actualize these strengths in your new business. Together we will create a realistic action plan to help you build a robust business framework in an economically viable way. We will develop an effective sales model to market your product or service and work with you throughout the growth of your business. Our goal is to provide the coaching tools and guidance necessary to help you make a successful transition into a new career that is more aligned with who you are.

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Our Coaching Philosophy 

Generally, organizations are operating below their full potential. Our mission is to work with entrepreneurs and organizations to help them maximize their long-term growth. This is accomplished through a comprehensive three step process. 

  1. UNDERSTAND: we will work with you and your team in understanding how the business was built and developed and how you achieve the current success you enjoy right now.

  2. IDENTIFY: through our extensive analysis we will identify what is holding you and your organization back from reaching your full growth potential.

  3. IMPLEMENT: we will present you with a clear action plan that you can implement to achieve your goals.

Areas of Expertise          

  • Growth Marketing 

  • Product Development

  • Operational Management

  • Risk Mitigation 

Product Offerings 

  • One-on-One Entrepreneur Coaching

  • Team/Group Coaching

  • Workshops

Entrepreneur Coaching Programs

  • Jump Start Program: turning your idea into a fully operational business​

  • Accelerator Program: developing a growth model for your newly launched business 

  • Summit Program: taking your established business to the next level





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